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Marketer empowers real estate developers and agencies to analyze, market and sell newbuild projects – fully digitally and automated.

Don’t let your competitors get ahead!

Decide what to build - based on true willingness to pay​

Visualize the newbuild project in ways that justifies reality

Make it come alive with a presentation, allowing for a truly stellar user experience​

Reach out to all relevant home buyers – and convert them

Transform the after sales process from a tedious task to a valuable advantage​

Everything is done from a single platform, allowing for full data capture, unique insights, and full control

With our M360 platform you’ll experience...

Increased sales price​

Increased sales price​

Through AI-generated price optimization and best-in-class lead generation​

Optimized selling time ​

Optimized selling time ​

Through efficient targeted marketing and persuasive presentation​

High customer satisfaction​

High customer satisfaction​

Through a holistic & digital customer journey​

Flexibility & control

Flexibility & control

Through tools that provide agnostic and modular software, yet centralized data.

Lower costs

Lower costs

Through automation of manual internal processes​.

Our ecosystem of products and services

AI-based sales platform for newbuild developers – modular functionality tailored to your needs.

M360 products

Leverage data and machine learning to make informed decisions on what to build – based on true willingness to pay.

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Six step guide to succeed with digital newbuild sales​

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