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Elevating Real Estate Sales Through Strategic Digital Marketing: A Partnership Success Story with Geocon

March 15, 2024
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In the competitive realm of real estate, effective digital marketing can be the differentiating factor between a project's success and obscurity. The collaboration between Marketer and Geocon shows how strategic digital marketing initiatives have propelled the project The Grande.

Geocon is Australia’s fastest growing property development company, focused on positive outcomes for its buyers, its community and its people. With a commitment to delivering exceptional living spaces, Geocon consistently seeks avenues to enhance customer experiences from the first interaction.

At the forefront of this collaboration lies their latest project The Grande – a testament to Geocon's dedication to creating unparalleled living experiences. Located in a prime area in Canberra, The Grande embodies luxury living with its exquisite design and state-of-the-art amenities.

Marketer, with its expertise in digital marketing, played a pivotal role in elevating The Grande's visibility and desirability. During the past six months Marketer has built a comprehensive strategy encompassing landing pages, targeted ads, and engaging social media campaigns to effectively showcase The Grande's unique selling points to potential buyers.

With the project's sales launch in February a 3D Property Explorer was introduced. This innovative tool allows prospective buyers to explore the building in a realistic manner, simplifying the process of envisioning the project and their potential new home.

Outstanding Results:

So far, the partnership has resulted in impressive achievements:

  • 8 600 visits to the landing page, showcasing the high level of interest generated.
  • 505 registered leads, reflecting the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns in capturing potential buyers' attention.
  • Ten leads translating into sales since the commencement of sales in February, underscoring the tangible impact of the collaboration on actual sales conversions.

The success of The Grande project stands as a testament to the power of strategic collaboration between Geocon and Marketer. By leveraging innovative digital marketing techniques, the project not only garnered significant interest but also translated leads into sales, affirming its status as a sought-after residential destination.

As Geocon continues to redefine luxury living, Marketer remains a trusted partner in realizing their vision in the competitive real estate landscape.

Andrew Slavich, GEOCON Development Manager, states: "Teaming up with our dedicated marketing partners from Marketer, we have successfully launched The Grande on London. Marketers’ expertise in crafting compelling landing pages, executing precise paid advertising campaigns, and refining SEO strategies have established The Grande's identity in the Australian Market.

We are experiencing high customer satisfaction, elevated lead generation & substantial conversion rates all while having the ability to assess the analytics of our campaigns".

Do you want to learn more about how Marketer can assist with the success of your next project? Contact us here!

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