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Eplehagen - 45% of units sold within a few weeks

March 19, 2024
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After a slow 2023 for new builds, 2024 is off to a great start for Eplehagen Mikrolandsby. In the middle of February this year, Norske Mikrohus launched their first campaign through M360, announcing their eleven tiny houses for sale. With incredible results, five units were sold by the beginning of March. Unsure of how the Norwegian market would react to this type of housing project, we think it’s fair to say that tiny houses have a huge potential.


Norske Mikrohus AS was founded by Jeanette and David Reiss-Andersen in 2018, with a dream of creating small, functional houses of high quality, as an alternative to big, traditional houses. It started out small, but today they are a proud market leader for tiny houses in Norway, with customers all over the country.

About Eplehagen

Eplehagen is located in beautiful Skjolden in Sogn og Fjordane, surrounded by incredible nature in all directions. The project consists of eleven tiny houses, with a focus on comfort, efficient use of space and beautiful aesthetics. They include a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room and guest bedroom all on one floor, with storage space on the loft. The idea of the project is to offer smaller, more affordable houses that allow you to live closer to nature and focus more on the outdoors and all that it has to offer.

With Sognefjorden at your doorstep, there is an endless amount of activities waiting for you; Kayaking, rafting, fishing and diving, just to name a few. Not only is the surrounding nature spectacular, but the village has a warm and inclusive culture where it’s easy to meet new people, especially if you like to engage with the local community.

Photo: Norske Mikrohus

The M360 solution

Even though they are a market leader, launching a project with multiple units was fairly new to them. With a project such as Eplehagen, they were looking for a tool that could ultimately give them a sense of control, while ensuring the success of the project in terms of marketing and sales.

With M360’s ability to create conversions through marketing and property explorer, it allowed for easy control and efficiency. A few reasons why M360 was the ideal solution for Norske Mikrohus:

  • Property explorer serves as an interactive tool where potential buyers can select the unit(s) they are interested in, and get a better understanding of the layout of the project.
  • Campaign module allows for easy creation of campaigns, in addition to in depth analysis from the different marketing channels.
  • Reduces risk of human error and acts as a time saver.
  • Facilitates good internal control and a seamless customer experience.

Daniel Christoffersen, CMO at Norske Mikrohus, states:

“In comparison to bigger and more traditional property developers, I’d like to say that Norske Mikrohus stands out from the crowd. We operate within a niche market and therefore have smaller projects, as well as some distinctive needs. Marketer turned out to be just what we were looking for.
Our experience with Marketer has been very positive. They’ve been accommodating and helpful with all of our questions, everything from the onboarding process to integration with existing systems.
We chose to work with Marketer because they have an excellent product. It’s a well-developed, intuitive and great system that facilitates good internal control, in addition to giving a modern and seamless customer experience for our property buyers.
Marketer has helped us include marketing, sales and the post-sale process in our projects. The M360 platform reduces the risk of human error, as well as it helps us save on our most valuable resource - time. We have also gained great dividends by implementing the property explorer and the post-sale service.
Both we and our customers are very happy with the product, follow-up and service.”

Photo: Daniel Christoffersen, CMO, Norske Mikrohus

Key outcomes

Within the first month of using M360, Norske Mikrohus has seen some remarkable results:

  • 2 770 visits to their landing page
  • 41 qualified leads
  • 45% of units sold

Having achieved such incredible results in such a short period of time, it really highlights the potential of the project and their vision as a whole.

The partnership between Norske Mikrohus and Marketer is paving the way for the tiny house market, and it is an exciting journey to be a part of!

Do you want to learn more about how Marketer can assist with the success of your next project? Contact us here!

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