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Kurfiss Sotheby's - Marketer has been a game changer and the data proves it

October 5, 2022
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Marketer’s marketing platform has produced better results for each property listed by Kurfiss Sotheby's International Realty. The stellar results will continue as Marketer extends the partnership with this Realogy brand for two more years.

Jessie Gabor is the Marketing and Creative Strategy Manager at Kurfiss Sotheby's International Realty, a local branch of the well-known brokerage firm for real estate. Kurfiss specialises in high-end properties in the greater Philadelphia area.

We have talked with Jessie Gabor about how Marketer has contributed to simplifying operations, manual handling, reporting, and generating more interest and leads from their online advertising.

Gabor works in the in-house marketing team that supports more than 80 real estate agents.

- The market for residential real estate in our area is booming, and the pressure is always on, Gabor says.

Before Gabor and her three marketing colleagues started using Marketer, each campaign was handled manually. However, with the increasing need for online campaigns, the team wanted to find a platform that could simplify operations and yield better results from marketing investments. Marketer was quickly identified as the best fit.

- Getting onboard with Marketer was a quick and easy process. The implementation team was incredibly organised and structured in how they supported us, says Gabor.

Seamless and user-friendly

– I work closely with one of the co-owners of our agency. He was initially hesitant about social media ads but agreed to run a trial of the solution. When he saw that the platform generated more interest and received better leads from his ads, he recommended Marketer internally. Now all the other agents want to use Marketer for each listed property.

The marketing team has used the platform for ten months, and it has transformed their workflow entirely. As a result, a considerable amount of time can now be used for better and more strategic purposes.

- Marketer is incredibly user-friendly, says Gabor - it gives us one less thing to worry about on the marketing side, and the agents are enthusiastic. Therefore, we can work smarter and not harder in the marketing department.

Data-proven success

Before the team started using the platform, their social media manager had to do all posting on digital channels herself. This was a tedious task, and it was complicated to compile all the statistics and results from each campaign.

Now, the Marketer tool generates an easy-to-understand and comprehensive breakdown in real-time of clicks, impressions, site views, and other data that shows how well the campaign performed.

- We had not expected the reporting section to be our favourite feature, says Gabor.

- We are proud to say that the properties we have published through Marketer are getting a lot more views and interest at a much faster pace. The data proves that we generate a far better return on marketing investments to our agents and customers.

Recommends it to others

- Our biggest concern was if the tool would be able to pinpoint the right market segments, and it truly does. Marketer has given us a competitive edge, tells Gabor.

She is especially pleased with the customer service and professional support they have experienced in the partnership with Marketer. In the first phase, they had weekly meetings, and now her contacts at Marketer are always quick to answer when wanted and needed.

- Marketer is committed and flexible. We have had great success with the platform, and Marketer has made our lives a lot easier.

After stellar results, Marketer extends the partnership with Kurfiss Sotheby's for two more years.

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