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Employee insight: Haakon Dalseth's Journey to VP Strategy & Finance

November 21, 2023
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In this article, we explore the impressive career progression of Haakon Dalseth, who recently stepped into the role of VP of Strategy & Finance at Marketer. Haakon joined us as a Strategy Consultant a year ago, bringing solid experience and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Join us as we chat with Haakon Dalseth, and explore his progression at Marketer from Strategy Consultant to VP of Strategy & Finance. We discuss his key projects, challenges, and his vision for the company's future, offering insights into the daily life at one of Europe’s leading proptech firms.

How has your journey been since you started at Marketer?

My journey at Marketer has been both fun and challenging, and full of very varied work. I have been a part of the strategy team, and worked on developing our overall corporate strategy, as well as leading the implementation of strategic initiatives and improvement projects across Marketer and its subsidiaries. This has contributed to improving the company’s performance and has strengthened the foundation for further growth and scale.

We have also spent a lot of time on M&A and funding activities, and I have been part of the due diligence, acquisition, and integration of three different companies. In addition to this, I have been responsible for starting and developing one of Marketer’s newest ventures, Easy3D, acting as head of the company.

Over time, my role has broadened in scope, and I have been trusted with more responsibility. During the first half of 2023, I spent a few months as Marketer’s interim CFO. I learned a lot from this experience, and it was an important step towards my new role.

What are the primary focus areas in your new role?

As VP of Strategy & Finance, I will be responsible for strategy and business development activities in Marketer and other companies in the group, while also being heavily involved in financial activities and reporting. This is part of our plan to integrate our strategy more closely with the finance function, to enable better decision-making, improved financial performance, and overall organizational effectiveness. In this new role, my focus areas will span across strategy, finance, M&A, and funding.

I believe that Marketer is at a very exciting point where we now have a robust and stable foundation, positioning us well to accelerate and sustain strong growth and performance going forward. Some focus areas that will be important in the short- to medium term include 1) realizing all synergies from recently acquired companies, including cross-selling, upselling and operational efficiency gains, 2) continuing the international expansion through both direct sales and partnerships, 3) ensuring successful commercialization and scale-up of our newest products like and Easy3D, 4) further strengthening the group through additional strategic M&A activities to achieve synergies and geographic market expansion. In addition, we of course need to keep perfecting our core products to make sure we stay the preferred end-to-end provider for digital marketing and sale of real estate.

Successfully managing these topics, combined with the newbuild market eventually bouncing back, will keep us on track to becoming Europe’s #1 proptech group.

What is it like working at Marketer?

Working at Marketer is great! It is a fast-moving environment full of smart and creative people. It is a place where you are encouraged to show initiative, with room for freedom and responsibilities for those who want it. I have learned a lot in the relatively short time I have been working here, across a wide spectrum of topics. There are constantly new ideas and potential plays happening, which ensures no day is the same. There are also a lot of fun social activities and events, making Marketer an overall great place to work.

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