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How does our Growth team optimise our clients' and Marketer's campaign performance?

November 23, 2020
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Introducing: the Growth team

Our dedicated Growth team is currently located in Oslo, and consists of four full-blooded service addicts. The team works across the complete Marketer product portfolio and the goal is to deliver the best results possible for our clients. Here is a brief introduction to the inner life of this group of marketing professionals:

Our responsibilities at Marketer

At any given time we manage thousands of campaigns across different channels in various geographical regions globally, constantly trying to improve their performance. In addition to this, we develop, implement and perform improvement activities and mechanisms for the subsidiaries of Marketer, such as and

To keep pace with the growth of Marketer and the increased activity level of our customer base, we rely on creating systems that help us to automatically identify what to optimise and when to do so, as well as for the continuous monitoring of all active campaigns. Thus, a normal workday varies quite a bit. Improving the performance of active campaigns means working with campaigns on Facebook, Google and other channels.

Through working at an ad level we are able to identify improvements in everything from creatives to landing pages, and all other details that can and will impact all future campaigns. All the effort we invest in active campaigns provide ways of identifying systematic ways of creating better campaigns for all customers in the future. As a result of this we also work very close with the development team at Marketer.

What's next

There are plenty of exciting things ahead that we are super thrilled about! On particular note, we are looking to expand our team with four performance marketers, whereas two will be seniors with both new and complementing experience from what is already on the team. The seniors will be leading and executing the acquisition efforts for and while the other two will be in charge of the performance for two of our product areas called M1 and M2 Premium.

This allows us to have one dedicated member of the team to be in charge of one vertical. A vertical can be one of our products or for example our targeting system used by all our products. We are always looking to learn from each other and together we strive at identifying what the optimal solutions are at any given time.

We are also investing more resources in technologies such as machine learning and AI. As a team who is passionate about technology and data - that is a dream come true for us. We feel lucky to work in a company with colleagues that are forward-thinking and confident enough to take a leading role in the development of this industry.

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