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Innovating Real Estate Marketing: The BoligPartner and Marketer Success Story

February 8, 2024
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In an era where digital presence is more important than ever, BoligPartner, one of Norway’s largest home and cabin suppliers, sought to redefine their marketing operation. This goal led them to Marketer and our flagship M360 platform. Together, BoligPartner and Marketer entered a partnership to not just meet, but exceed the modern marketing needs within the real estate industry.

Photo: BoligPartner

BoligPartner’s Vision

With an impressive legacy of 30 years and a vast presence across Norway with 3 chains and a total of 70 sales offices, BoligPartner has always been at the forefront of delivering quality homes. However, the evolving digital landscape presented a new set of challenges and opportunities. BoligPartner wanted to enhance and redefine their marketing operation, aiming for:

  • Better Control: A desire for better oversight of marketing activities, enabling the BoligPartner team to insource more tasks to maximize efficiency and coherence.
  • Accessibility for All: The need to democratize professional marketing, ensuring that even the smallest offices in the BoligPartner chain could achieve impactful results.
  • Innovative Property Showcase: The ambition to integrate a property picker on their website that not only offers a compelling visualization of projects but is also straightforward to set up and implement.
  • Lead Engagement: A strategy to nurture leads more effectively, moving beyond traditional newsletters to a more dynamic, engaging approach.

Photo: BoligPartner vendors across Norway

The Marketer Solution

Marketer’s M360 platform emerged as the ideal solution, offering a suite of tools designed to empower BoligPartner’s marketing vision. The M360 platform stands at the intersection of technology and marketing innovation, enabling property developers and builders to centralize their marketing efforts efficiently. Through this collaboration:

  • BoligPartner gained more control over its marketing activities across their large organization, allowing for a higher degree of insourcing.
  • The M360 platform ensured that professional marketing resources were accessible to BoligPartner’s entire operation, including the smaller offices, levelling the playing field and ensuring consistent marketing standards across the board.
  • The bespoke property picker developed by Marketer was seamlessly integrated into BoligPartner’s website, offering an intuitive and visually engaging experience for potential buyers.

The Outcome

The initial three-month pilot program across 7 departments and 13 projects yielded impressive results. BoligPartner ran over 20 digital marketing campaigns, built 13 property pickers, and used M360's newsletter functionality to keep leads engaged. The success of the pilot will lead to the roll-out of M360 across all BoligPartner offices under a two-year contract.

Photo: Geir Thomassen, BoligPartner

Geir Thomassen, BoligPartner’s Marketing Director, states: “Working with Marketer has really improved our marketing approach, making it easier and more effective than before. We're happy with the smooth collaboration, and look forward to continuing our partnership."

Looking Ahead

BoligPartner’s journey with Marketer underscores a shift towards a more integrated, efficient, and engaging marketing strategy in the real estate industry. By aligning BoligPartner’s industry acumen and impressive experience with Marketer’s technological expertise, this partnership will also open doors to future innovation, ensuring that BoligPartner remains at the leading edge of the real estate market.

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