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Insights from our latest Developer Meetup

December 14, 2023
  • Our Team

Marketer’s development team consists of the best tech talent world wide, and a couple of times a year our developers visit our HQ in Oslo for jam-packed days of workshops, strategy meetings, 1:1’s and fun social gatherings. We sat down with some of the members of our team to ask them how their experience was, what they learned and if they actually enjoyed the Norwegian Christmas delicacies we introduced them to.

Kristaps Cerminieks, our senior QA engineer, joined us from Latvia. Kristaps, what was the most memorable moment from the meetup for you? 

The highlight of my recent visit to Oslo was the invaluable experience of meeting everyone in person. As a remote-first company, these face-to-face interactions are crucial and always anticipated with enthusiasm.

Additionally, I was deeply impressed by the personal touch in the Christmas party presentation, where each employee was individually acknowledged, showcasing our team's dedication to appreciation and camaraderie. Grateful for such meaningful moments.

István Karaszi, senior software developer, also expressed appreciation for the team. István, what accomplishment are you most proud of in 2023?

In 2023, amidst shifting market dynamics and challenges, the most remarkable accomplishment for our team has been the unwavering and resilient spirit we maintained. Each sprint brought with it an opportunity for growth and improvement, subtly reflecting our ability to adapt and excel in changing circumstances. The pride I feel is rooted in how we, as a team, consistently evolved and enhanced our performance, showcasing a collective strength and dedication that goes beyond mere metrics.

When asked if he learned something new from the meetup, Alex Serrano, our frontend developer working on our analytics and insights platform, shared the following perspectives:

I learned a lot! The highlights are a deeper understanding about the market dynamics and how is positioned to help with some of the challenges real estate professionals face today, great insights into how the technical, product and commercial side work together, and of course to get to know my colleagues better. In addition, I learned what a traditional Norwegian Christmas lunch looked like, and how brown cheese is made!

Speaking of Christmas lunch, we asked Marcin Danlowski if he enjoyed the Norwegian delicacies that were served?

Overall it was great, however definitely quite different to what I’m used to from Poland!

Aside from getting the team familiarized with sursild (pickled herring) and brown cheese, we also used the meetup to discuss our plans for 2024. Andrei Muresan, lead software developer working on our digital marketing engine, joined us from Romania. Andrei, what are you most excited for in 2024?

I am particularly thrilled about the prospect of expanding our marketing campaign reach by integrating with additional publication channels. Currently, we are in the process of integrating with Snapchat, and I foresee the possibility of incorporating platforms like TikTok and others as they emerge.

Furthermore, I am excited about leveraging AI services to enhance our customers' experience by providing advanced campaign concepts and templates. This includes incorporating intelligent suggestions for text and images, ensuring our campaigns are not only diverse in channels but also optimized for maximum impact.

Daniel Andrei, our senior frontend developer, also highlighted AI when asked about how we can increase our velocity and tackle challenging problems in the year to come:

When tackling a challenging problem, I step back to contemplate it thoroughly. Additionally, I make use of AI tools, ex ChatGPT, to explore various options before diving into coding the solution.

Finally, Sergey Konotopov, our senior software developer focusing on our platform for existing homes, summed up the meetup in three words - inspiration, synergy, and unity.

Thank you to the team for visiting, and we can’t wait to see the innovation 2024 will bring!

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