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Key takeaways and insights from RENT 2023

November 23, 2023
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A few weeks ago, Enguerran Licari, our Country Manager in France, attended the annual RENT conference held in Paris. This event, spanning several days, was a whirlwind of activities including numerous meetings, engaging presentations, insightful keynotes, and valuable networking opportunities. Following the event, we sat down with Enguerran to delve into his main insights and takeaways from the conference.

Enguerran Licari at RENT 2023.

Enguerran, tell us about RENT - what is it, and who attends?

The Real Estate and New Technology fair, or RENT, is the largest event in France dedicated to real estate innovation and proptech. This is the second year Marketer attended, and it did not disappoint! More than 11 000 real estate professionals attended, with 400 companies present and 100 startups showcasing innovative products and services.

This year, Patrice Vergriete, France's Minister of Housing, was on stage to discuss the future of real estate in the country. All the market leaders are there, including real estate agency networks, property developers, portals, software companies, and media groups.For Marketer, the RENT is an amazing opportunity to catch up with all our clients and their teams, as well as bonding with our new partners such as MGC Connecting.

Enguerran and the MGC Connecting team at RENT.

What were the main topics at RENT this year, and what is top of mind for French developers?

This year decarbonation and climate tech have been dethroned by AI! A majority of workshops, events, live talks and corridor conversations were focused on AI; what is it, can it help real estate, how to properly leverage it to boost operations - the list goes on.

Fortunately, Marketer has been involved in leveraging AI technology for the real estate industry since day 1. We can give advice and guidance about AI trends, but above all provide concrete solutions that can help real estate developers thrive in a challenging environment.

What are your key takeaways from the event, and will you be back next year?

My key takeaway is that new technologies are increasingly shaping the future of the real estate industry. Innovation such as AI is being widely adopted by large companies and SMBs alike, because it provides a solution to a challenging context. The paradigm shift is happening and Marketer will stay at the forefront by continuing to develop relevant and leading-edge technologies.

The RENT is always fun to attend, and it is a real pleasure to hang out with our growing network of clients and partners. We will be back next year!

Want to learn more about Marketers partnership with MGC Connecting? Read our press release here.

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