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Lead.ERA to the Top in World’s Largest Consumer-Voted Award for Product Innovation

March 10, 2023
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Product of the Year has recognized ERA Portugal's Lead.ERA, the game-changing innovative tool for automated digital marketing of real estate, as the winner of the Digital Marketing Category. Relying on a transparent voting process by 5320 consumers, the award serves the recognition of products that showcase unique and creative features.

Product of the Year

Product of the Year is the largest globally recognized award for product innovation that's voted on by consumers. Founded in France in 1987, Product of the Year now operates in 45+ countries and has one main goal: to guide consumers to the newest products in the market, and to reward manufacturers and service providers for product and marketing innovation.

Lead.ERA, the new game-changing innovative tool for automated smart digital marketing of real estate in Portugal, went all the way to the top this year!

Lead.ERA winner of the Digital Marketing Category

ERA Portugal, part of the world's largest real estate franchising company, is one of the leading real estate networks in the country with 203 agencies, 2,500 employees, and a portfolio of over 50,000 properties.

The company won Portugal’s Product of the Year (2023) in the Digital Marketing category with their Lead.ERA technology, a marketing suite supplied by Marketer, that facilitates automated, smart digital marketing for real estate properties. The study showed that Lead.ERA scored highest in overall attractiveness, innovation, and buying intention.

Unique in Portugal, the Lead.ERA technology uses big data to optimize and automatically create ads, showcasing the best images of a property to the most suitable audience. Acquired from ERA Portugal’s real estate network, with data of more than 20 years and through two million monthly visits to the official website, this tool is constantly improving through the latest artificial intelligence.

“With innovation as one of the core values of ERA Portugal, we knew instantly that Lead.ERA would add a lot of value both to our clients, but also to our Agencies and the way they promote themselves and market our clients’ properties. However, being awarded by consumers with this recognition means not only that we are pioneers, but that our innovation is efficient and drives real results and impact.” Mariana Coimbra, Marketing Director for ERA Portugal.

With a massive reach, a property can be marketed to at least 20,000 potential buyers, in just 5 days for unprecedented local awareness and consequently faster and more accurate sales. Each property gets personalized and effective marketing campaigns on major digital platforms, an exclusive webpage complementing the ad on ERA’s official website and access to an online report of the campaigns’ ads and real-time results.

A study with 5320 participants

With the aim of providing insights into the relationship between consumers and new products in the market, Netsonda, Netquest, and CINT conducted an online study that was carried out by 5320 consumers. The participants comprise a representative sample of the Portuguese population, aged between 18 and 64 years.

With a transparent voting process by the consumers to the consumers, the award serves as a helpful guide for shoppers by identifying products with unique and creative features. By bearing the Product of the Year logo, the winning products carry the solid promise of integrity and the proven results of marketing and awareness efficiency.

The Portuguese market - Early adopters

The study results showed that 87% of the Portuguese population enjoy trying new products and 81% are willing to spend more on a new product that meets their needs and expectations than one they are used to buying. This is because the Portuguese tend to be up-to-date with innovation and keep pace with global trends, given that the quality/price ratio of the products is liked by most consumers.

The "Product of the Year" seal also holds significant weight for Portuguese consumers, with 81% indicating they recognize the seal when shopping and 61% stating it is a major factor in their purchasing decision.

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