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Marketer in new collaboration

March 25, 2022
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Marketer has joined forces with Atlas Utvikling and launched Journey, which addresses the aftermarket for the sale of new homes.

Marketer, which operates fully automated and AI-driven real estate marketing, continues to connect with partners. The company recently acquired EVE Images and vY, both of which are leading players in real estate technology and digital home sales solutions for newbuilds. Marketer has now joined forces with Atlas Utvikling and started the new company Journey Technologies.

Journey Technologies is addressing the increasingly important aftermarket for newbuild transactions. Through the investment, Marketer will also be the only player in the market that offers a comprehensive digitized platform for real estate developers, from the assessment of suitable land to the handover of the home.

“As a developer, we have experienced that it has been demanding to give buyers the customer experience they deserve. We wanted to do something about this, and that was the start of the development of Journey. In addition to improving customer satisfaction for the buyer, there are, for the developer, very great values ​​in streamlining, reducing complaints and selling options. At the same time, the developers continuously receive data from home buyers that provides valuable insight into the development of other projects.”, Comments Magnus Viermyr, CEO of Journey Technologies AS.

Journey is included in Marketer's platform, but can also be used as a stand-alone product. The solution is made based on the customer and their needs, and includes everything from communication, documents, options, complaints, project updates, relevant dates the buyer must comply with, surveys and feedback etc.

“We believe Journey by far is the strongest solution available for the aftermarket in the newbuild segment, and we are therefore very pleased to have reached this agreement," comments Amir Folkestad Habhab, co-founder and CEO of Marketer.

He believes the product fits well with Marketer's solution platform for real estate developers.

“Developers can now manage the entire project process from A to Z through a common system,” says Folkestad Habhab.

Atlas Utvikling and Marketer have entered into a joint venture in which Marketer acquires Journey Technologies with a 35% ownership interest and options for a larger ownership interest in the long term.

Read the press release in Estate here.

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