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Reimagine marketing and connected experiences in the real estate industry

December 17, 2021
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Back in the day, marketers discovered how to make small businesses into rising stars through the ultimate combination of cookies, third-party data and low budgets. However, it was really just a matter of time before privacy would be questioned, and as we see in recent times, there has been a steep rise in privacy regulations, behavioural changes and new standards. In the light of these new developments, we see the need and opportunity to reimagine marketing completely, finding new and more sustainable ways of executing marketing activities.

Feel the excitement of experiences that are connected

As humans are wired to connect, whether it is with friends, family or co-workers, it is only natural that this need for connection is also highly transferable to the digital landscape. In such a digitalised world, the importance of embracing this human element is immense for both consumers and organisations. At Marketer we hope to recreate this feeling through creating a personalised and connected experience.

A connected experience in our opinion is about putting focus on the human elements of a transaction, rather than tapping into all rationale for the purchase of a project, product or service. The era of hard selling is passed us, and by contrast, we need to inform, observe and continuously consider how we can engage our audience and provide the best experience. At Marketer, we do this by collaborating across teams, thinking creatively, and continuously developing our products and services in addition to reimagining what it could be in the future to open up for new ideas and thought processes.

The blurry line between digital and physical transactions seems to be a trend that has come to stay.

Acquiring a home or a car has for most people been a physical transaction due to the purchase of a tangible object. However, with the continuous digitalisation which has now accelerated even further during the pandemic, online has emerged as the favourable purchase channel for most age groups according to McKinsey. For real estate, we see the same trend, which is why we are reimagining the transaction of properties by creating smart and connected experiences based on users' intentions.

User intent as a driver to deliver real-time experiences

In the year 2000, the average human attention span was the length of 12 seconds. Today, it is argued by some that our attention span is as short as eight seconds. Whether or not this number is exact depending on the context, it gives us an illustration of how the increased digital trends are affecting our attention. This is also an example to emphasise how vital it is for marketers to understand the context of user intent. If we manage to deliver real-time experiences that act on user intent, we might have found the perfect solution.

User intent within the real estate industry is a complex area, and there are enormous amounts of metrics and numbers to analyse such as understanding what made a specific apartment get more attraction and sell quicker than an exact similar apartment in the same building. We do this by putting all our focus into really understanding the intent behind a specific action through decoding and rebuilding the information in a more comprehensive way, creating actionable insights that we can build upon.

This way we are able to create real-time experiences and personalised content that connect with the customers intent, reflecting on their desired choices, which in result drives incremental margins and customer satisfaction.

The power of content to make great transactions

All transactions are informed by content, in all shapes and forms. In our Insight article “What is UX Design and why is it so important in real estate transactions?” we said;

“We want our users to feel empowered by our products, by making sure all processes are intuitive and the user experience provides context and comfort, we can achieve exactly that.”

The same applies when we target contextual content to potential buyers in the real estate market. It is all about making the right content accessible at the right time in the buyer journey and understanding the intent of their current mindset, creating real value.

At Marketer, we believe in creating high value for real estate developers, agents and property owners through connected experiences aligned with great content, serving user intent in real-time. This represents our reimagined view on how marketing is done best.
- Markus Svenberg, VP Marketing at Marketer

Our vision on marketing

At Marketer we invest time and effort into building the strongest marketing team within the Saas space, and our goal is to help our customers to become champions in their respective spaces. This is driven by hard insight, outstanding customer understanding, quality content and having fun while building great user experiences. We are always working on developing and maintaining a strong brand that is built on our core values as well as motivations such as bringing innovative and connected experiences to our audience. We want to work with the best talents, the brightest minds and the ones that dare to believe that there is no limit to what we can accomplish.

Join us

Are you a visionary? Marketer is now hiring, and you have the opportunity to be a part of creating a reimagined approach to marketing. We operate by firmness on result and freedom of activity, based on a belief that our employees reach their full potential when they have the freedom to perform in the roles they are motivated in. Join us in building the world's best-performing marketing department by bringing your innovative ideas and insight. To learn more about the roles, click here.

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