Area reports & project insights

Never wonder what to build or how to price it ever again.

Less risk

Less risk

Study an areas’ historical development to make improved future pricing predictions.

Optimal unit pricing

Optimal unit pricing

Avoid selling your units at the wrong time or price. We analyse current and future development.

Competitor advantage

Competitor advantage

Monitor your competitors performance and gain an edge while planning your sales phases.

Understand the area

Map overlay help you better understand the area you are investing in. Want to know where the least amount of noise is, the best schools or just which is closest to the supermarket?

  • Multiple data layers; Point of interest, noise, transportation, education and more
  • Walking patterns in densly populated areas helps you decide on business location
  • Multiple map types like graphic, satellite, terrain, biking, road and more

Inspect projects

Use our map and define an area of interest to generate real-time reports. Get a complete overview of the area you have defined, with filterable graphs and tables, with information such as:

  • Overall project status and sales progress
  • Fully detailed unit lists
  • Unit mix per sales stage
  • Current sales rate and unit price per m2

Be up to date and get notified

The notification center is your HUB for all things plot-related. Make sure you are closely monitoring your area and competitors with a fully customizable notification center.

  • Get notified when a planning status has changed
  • There is a development in your area
  • A competitor has lowered their prices
  • Get notified about your optimal sales structure

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