Destination Sites

Instantly list your project on or (Norwegian version), the only newbuild-focused portals, by clicking a button.

✔️ Free publishing to our portals

✔️ Optimized for newbuilds

✔️ Boost data and insights

Enjoy the benefits of our Destination Sites

With the click of a button, you can launch your projects on our optimized newbuild platform directly from M360 - effortlessly and at zero cost. Each project will have its separate landing page, and the content you have created in M360 will integrate seamlessly, including 3D images and animations, Property Explorer, Project News, and Checkout.

Continuous data-driven optimization

The power of Marketer lies in learning by volume. Our portal is continuously optimized based on the entirety of traffic generated to benefit every one of our clients. Using our portal landing pages ensures valuable tracking and learning by utilizing the full potential of our M360 system.

Intuitive, well designed and modern - with industry leading features

We use the latest technology to create our portal. This makes for fast load times, stable systems, and seamless user interaction. Premium design, large image formats, and an interface tailored to newbuild projects ensure the best possible user experience. Further, everything you expect from a modern portal includes features like saved searches, favorites, unit comparison, notifications, interactive maps, neighborhood information, travel times, property explorers, and much more.

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