Unit specifications & customizations

Let your customers customize their homes online and experience full control.

✔️ Save labor and reduce cost

✔️ Increase spend on add-on sales

✔️ Increase customer satisfaction

Optimize the home buyer's commerce experience

Unit specifications and customizations are an essential part of our end-to-end after-sales solution. Through our dedicated solution for customizations and add-on sales, the home buyer is left with an optimized e-commerce experience - boosting add-on sales for the developer while simultaneously limiting administrative costs and mistakes.

Handle the unit specification process

With a digital showroom, you can handle customizations and add-on sales. It enables you to transform this process into a full e-commerce experience. Offer packages or full customization of the interior. Moreover, option stores can be created and reused across unit types and projects.

Boost income and reduce costs from optimized customization process

You can increase sales of customized options due to a digital and engaging interface leveraging e-commerce techniques. In addition, you can experience efficiency gains from reusable option stores and automated online processes.

Further, letting the home buyer visualize the result of their customizations in real time can reduce costs due to fewer complaints/disputes from buyers and increase customer satisfaction. Data collected in the customization process gives valuable insights and optimizes future projects.

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