Optimize your website for engagement and e-commerce with integrated data, components, and functionality from M360.

✔️ Data sync

✔️ CMS integrations

✔️ Integrated with M360

✔️ Embedded components

The best tool to help improve your sales funnel from building awareness through completed sales

Take advantage of the latest technology and continuously improved smart components from our ecosystem of services. Connect your marketing campaigns and present the projects for sale to your potential buyers.

Showcase your company and project(s) just like a website

Your website is directly connected to M360 and utilizes automatically updated data from our platform. Correct and dynamic project data, sales-enabling solutions like our property picker and checkout, and leads registration and tracking for retargeting to make the most optimized sales funnel will always be shown.

Changes in Storefront will automatically be reflected on M360, and visa versa.

Directly integrated with M360 and embedded components

With embedded components, you can integrate real estate-specific modules like property explorers and project news into your website. Utilize and analyze engagement as part of the ecosystem that drives the sales funnel.

Easy data synchronization for a smooth customer experience

Quickly and easily activate data-synchronization for your projects from M360 to your website of choice. Captured user behavior is synced with M360 for utilization in campaigns, lead scoring, project ranking, and more. Shared cookie data helps identify and target users across services to offer the best and more accurate user experience.

CMS integration

Easily set up and sync M360 project data to Webflow pages. Support for additional CMS vendors will be added continuously, but we can always manually integrate your website.

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